My name is Daniel Mühlbachler and this is going to be a small blog about my personal projects (whether they are finished, ongoing or just PoCs) and I hope you can get some helpful “take aways”.

As for my person, I am enthusiastic about Computer Science, in particular Software Development/Engineering, algorithms, Big Data and DevOps. Already at High School, I was developing web applications (based on PHP, HTML and JS) and working as Freelancer for some small projects. Back then I also started developing my motivation to work on different kind of algorithmic challenges, which has been deepened at university and participating in some Coding Contests.

At university, I studied abroad in Bradford, United Kingdom, as part of an ERASMUS scholarship, and during my Bachelor’s studies, I was always keen on learning new methodologies, optimization problems, algorithms and System Software. Besides that, I worked on various projects, some of them Open Source, and developed my interests in Big Data, which led to my Bachelor’s thesis in “Satellite Data Processing for Mobile Visualization”.

After my Bachelor’s degree I started with my Master’s degree in the major Computational Engineering and working full-time as a Software Developer as well as freelancing for small and personally interesting projects. If you are interested, you can find my CV here.


If you want to contact me via e-mail, please use this form.